Our company practises integrated production where we include techniques and standards to cultivate our crops in a responsible and efficient way, reducing the comsumption of resources, such as energy, chemical fertilisers and insecticides.

The use of these elements is limited to the supervision of qualified technicians.

Our work philosophy throughout the production chain consists of obtaining the highest freshness and quality, whilst being innovative in the continuous search for products which satisfy our customers’ needs.

Safety and quality

Our quality department submits our products for regular analyses and we monitor all our crops exhaustively in order to guarantee food safety.

Moreover, practically 100% of our crops are developed under the biological control criteria, and our traceability system allows us to control our products from their origin to the final consumer.

To make this philosophy a reality, we have introduced a complete quality system whose functioning is based on the commitment of every participant in the value chain, production, handling, and marketing which are certified by the quality regulation GLOBAL G.A.P.